The Children’s Health Foundation recognizes the importance of the pediatrician’s role in caring for children with the most complex physical and psycho-social conditions. These families often endure a great amount of strain in order to navigate many branches of the health system. These families especially, need a high functioning pediatric medical home that can quickly and proactively offer top quality care as well as promote their ability to effectively self-manage their children’s needs.

CHF pediatricians are collaborating to expand the distinguished success of their Asthma Care Management Improvement Initiative to the broader population of children. The Foundation is hosting a Pediatric Care Management Improvement Collaborative which includes quarterly learning colloaborative sessions engaging Care Managers, Referral Coordinators and Behavioral Health Clinicians from over twenty practices. These innovators collaborate to further develop and deploy education, methods, interventions, competencies, tools and resources to advance the spread of proactive, targeted office-based pediatric care management. This includes stratification of the patient population and consultation, communication and coordination amongst providers and teams involved in the child’s care.

This approach supports the goal to improve the care experience and health outcomes of children while enabling better opportunities to equip families for successful self-management.